Thermal spraying is an attractive coating technique as it offers a wide choice of materials and processes that have a reduced impact on the environment when compared to conventional plating processes

We have a Thermal Spray Coating Equipment such us Flame Wire Spraying and Arc Wire spraying System.

Flame Spraying

In the flame spraying process, oxygen and a fuel gas, such as acetylene, propane or propylene, are fed into a torch and ignited to create a flame. Either powder or wire is injected into the flame where it melts and is sprayed onto the workpiece. Flame spraying can be readily performed in the shop or onsite and is generally low cost.

Arc Spraying

In the arc spray process, two wires are simultaneously brought into contact with each other at the nozzle. The electrical load placed on the wires causes the tips of the wires to melt when they touch. An atomizing gas, such as air or nitrogen, is used to strip the molten material off the wires and to transport it to the workpiece.