Liquid Epoxy Coating system designed to help protect steel pipe and other metal surfaces from the harsh effects of corrosion

We can apply a Liquid Epoxy coating on Both Internal and external surface of pipes and spools.

Trans Enterprises


  • Brackish Water Pipelines
  • Fire Water Pipelines
  • Sea (Brain) Water Pipelines
  • Vessels Internals


  • Automated Hallow cone spray system for smaller diameter pipes
  • Automated internal coating equipment for bigger diameter pipes

Girth weld coatings

  • A girth weld coating is a protective fluid layer that is applied to the metal surface of two pipes that have been joined along their circumference during pipeline construction. These coatings are designed to prevent corrosion on the jointed circumference.
  • Typical equipment and operating directions as used by a successful field joint Girth weld coating with Fusion Bonded Epoxy:
  • Induction heating equipment consists of a mobile generator, a power unit, a control unit, a cooling unit, and a split heating coil. The induction coil is a split type of manual clamps. The mobile trailer is completely shrouded and weather-proofed. The shroud is extendable to cover the pipe for weather protection.
  • The induction coil is lowered over the girth weld area and clamped to the pipe. The heating cycle starts to achieve specified temperature then power is switched off, the coil is unclamped and we will do the Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating.

Specified temperature will be maintained throughout the coating.