PTFE Coating

PTFE coatings are often known by their familiar by Teflon coating and they take the form of a liquid paint which is sprayed onto a substrate (metals, rubbers, plastics etc) that needs to be enhanced.


Halar (ECTFE) has been used successfully in a wide variety of chemical processing applications; and is used extensively as a coating for exhaust duct, vessels and process equipment. Halar coatings have a very smooth surface which helps to reduce the risk of pinholes in the coating while inhibiting buildup and accumulation of particles on the surface.

Halar coatings are resistant to solvents and acids/bases (ph 1-14). They have been successfully used for corrosion protection in the chemical processing industry

Trans Enterprises

Xylan Coating

Xylan is used to identify our low-friction, wear-resistant composites of fluoropolymers and reinforcing binder resins. They are first and foremost dry-film lubricants; however, they have many desirable secondary properties. These lubricants are combined in a matrix with the newest high-temperature organic polymers resulting in “plastic alloys” formulated to provide unique and desirable properties. They can “work” under heavy loads, at high temperatures, in chemical and corrosive environments, and combinations thereof. In the industrial world, they are known as “extreme performance coatings.

Rilsan (Nylon) Coating

Rilsan® Nylon coatings and generic nylon coatings to a broad range of medical, scientific and industrial parts.Rilsan is manufactured by the Arkema Corporation.

We are the one of the approved Applicator by Arkema Corporation.

Rilsan® Nylon coatings provide multi-functional protection that is thermally stable, mechanically tough, anti-corrosive and chemically resistant.